Who is He?

Youth 180 is a ministry that believes in Jesus, a ministry that loves God and people.

We have turned our backs to the world and have submitted to Jesus Christ to love Him just as He loves us. We are unashamed and true believers of Christ. We will continue without fear to spread the Gospel to each end of the world, one step at a time. We are Youth 180.

Walking in His Footsteps

What does it mean to follow Jesus? How much do we have to sacrifice? Is it actually sacrifice? What can I start doing right now to get on the right path?

Overcoming Any Obstacle

Life is a ferris wheel where we have our ups and downs. But what about the unexpected stops? How do we plan for them? Where does Jesus fit into this picture?

Why Attend Church?

A question that has been asked across the world. Some think they know the answer and never question it, others vice versa. Which do you think is better, a curious follower or a follower who asks no questions?

The Bigger Picture

Maybe you're so focused on the now and only the things that are going on in your life. Lets take a step back.


Read and see how the Cross and the Love of Jesus Christ has impacted His children, and how He can impact you.

It is a daily reminder of why we should seek God each and every day and remember the great Love that He has for us that redeems us and saves us.

Michelle Marsandi

Age: 18

You must give Love no matter what the other person is returning. With Jesus, we sometimes become selfish and lose sight of God, yet He always pursues us, loves us, and longs for us.

Maria Sabillon


There is no greater love than the love between the creator and His creation. One must watch out for the impurities that come our way and stay on the true path He has given us.

Andy Silva

Age: 19